Population of birds in India is declining catastrophically: Report


Gandhinagar: The population of birds in India is seeing a sharp decline and in some cases is catastrophic, State of India’s Bird 2020, a report released on Monday at Conference of Parties to the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (COP13 CMS), has revealed.

The report stated, “The assessment of nearly 867 Indian species has revealed that the population of our birds are in overall decline, in some cases catastrophically so. Many more species show a downward trend than do an upward trend.”

“Since 2000, a strong declination of 22 per cent and a decline of 52 per cent of 261 species have been registered. However, there is a visible increasing trend of 5 per cent,” the report added.

The report jointly released by 10 organisations stated that overall migratory species (both long-distance and within-subcontinent) show steeper declines than residents. The average steep decline of long-distance migrants is driven by species like Forest Wagtail, Pacific Golden Plover and Common Greenshank.

The report says even globally the birds’ population continues to decline. The rare species are increasingly threatened with extinction, while many common species are experiencing steady population decline.

However, the report showed an overall increase in the percentage of House Sparrow, Rose-ringed Parakeet, Asian Koel, Common Tailorbird along with 120 more species in stable condition population-wise.

“Within India, the main approach to conservation is legal protection. This is extended to species through the Wild Life (Protection) Act (1972 and further amendments), and to habitats through the Protected Area network,” suggested the report.

The Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals commenced on Monday. India will chair the presidency of COP13 for three years. (ANI)