Police personnel stage protest seeking ‘justice’, ‘equality’


New Delhi : Police personnel on Tuesday staged a protest outside the Police Head Quarters (PHQ) days after a massive clash broke out between police and lawyers at Tis Hazari Court.

The agitating cops raised slogans seeking justice.

Traffic movement has been closed in the carriageway from ITO towards Laxmi Nagar following the protest. Delhi Traffic Police has advised people to use Delhi Gate and Raj Ghat roads.

Suman Lata, a constable from South-West district said that she feels helplessness and scared ever since the Tis Hazari clash took place.

“Law is equal for everyone but the people who look after the law and work for it are not protected by the law. We have gathered here to get justice for ourselves. Once my police uniform used to motivate me to work but today I am too scared to walk out in this uniform. How will I protect the public if I myself feel so scared?” she said.

Police personnel along with their family members held placards which read ‘We want justice’ and ‘We want equality’.

“I am here to support the police personnel who work for the people but instead they are being thrashed in return. Then why should we send our family members in Police? If police sleuths are being beaten up brutally in front of everyone then how would the public feel safe? I am here to fight for their rights,” said Geeta, wife of a police officer.

Abhishek, Sub-Inspector from South district expressed how the morale of the police sleuths has gone extremely down after their other co-workers and police officers became a victim of the Tis Hazari clash.

“We just want equal justice for ourselves. This is not a protest, this is a silent movement,” he said.

On Monday, IPS Association had also said that the police personnel all around the country stand with those who were assaulted and humiliated.

Lawyers have also been protesting at several places across the city against the scuffle that took place in Tis Hazari on Saturday.

A clash had broken out between lawyers and cops over an alleged parking issue at Tis Hazari court on November 2, in which several police officials and lawyers were injured. (ANI)