PM Modi speaks to workers rescued from Silkyara tunnel over phone


Hours after the safe evacuation of 41 trapped workers from the Silkyara tunnel on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to the rescued men over the phone.
All 41 men, who were rescued from the collapsed tunnel after 17 days, have been brought to the Community Health Centre in Chinyalisaur for primary medical treatment.

Their names include Viswajit Kumar, Subodh Kumar, Rajendra Bedia, Sukram, Tinku Sardar, Gunodhar, Sameer, Ravindra, Ranjeet, Mahadev, Bhukttu Murmu, Jamra Oraon, Vijay Horo, Ganapati – all from Jharkhand, Gabbar Singh Negi, and Pushkar – both from Uttarakhand, Saba Ahmed, Sonu Sah, Virendra Kiskoo, and Sushil Kumar – all from Bihar, Manir Talukdar, Sevik Pakhera, and Jaydev Parmanik – all from West Bengal, Akhilesh Kumar, Ankit, Ram Milan, Satya Dev, Santosh, Jai Prakash, Ram Sundar, and Manjit – all from Uttar Pradesh, Tapan Mandal, Bhagwan Batra, Viseshar Naik, Raju Naik, and Dhiren – all from Odisha, Sanjay and Ram Prasad from Assam, and Vishal from Himachal Pradesh.

Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Modi had called Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami and gave his best wishes for the safe evacuation of 41 workers from the Silkyara tunnel.

During this, PM Modi took information from the Chief Minister about the workers.
Reacting to the safe rescue of the workers, PM Modi praised the bravery and determination of rescuers involved in the Silkyara tunnel operation, saying that they have given new life to the laborers who were trapped in the tunnel for the last 16 days, adding that the mission has set an “example of humanity and teamwork.”

“The success of the rescue operation of our laborer brothers in Uttarkashi is making everyone emotional. I want to say to the friends who were trapped in the tunnel that your courage and patience are inspiring everyone. I wish you all well and good health,” PM Modi said in a post on X.
“It is a matter of great satisfaction that after a long wait, these friends of ours will now meet their loved ones. The patience and courage that all these families have shown in this challenging time cannot be appreciated enough,” PM Modi added. (ANI)