PM Modi greets people on Magh Bihu


Guwahati: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on January 15 greeted the people of the nation on the occasion of Magh Bihu.

Taking to Twitter PM Modi wrote, “Best wishes on Magh Bihu. I hope this festival deepens our bond with nature and furthers the atmosphere of joy.”

Magh Bihu or popularly known as the Bhogali Bihu marks the end of the harvesting season. It is celebrated in Assam with feasts lasting for a week. The festival is celebrated by singing, dancing, feasts, and bonfires. As per the festive rituals, people eat the food prepared for the feast in the bhelaghar and then burn the huts the next morning.

Varieties of pithas (rice cakes), laru (made out of rice powder), sesame, molasses (black syrup from sugarcane), puffed rice, flattened rice, and coconut is prepared by the womenfolk. Feasts are arranged in the open paddy fields where irrespective of age, people from all walks of life, enjoy the festival. People play folk instruments, sing special festive songs and also play traditional fun games.

In the second day, people rise early in the morning and set fire to “mejis” which are temporary pavilions made of wood, bamboo, and hay. All proud Assamese dress in their traditional best and attend private or public gatherings for feasting set around bonfires or meji. The celebrations include an anticipated egg fight, or koni juj, and a bullfight display. 

Pithas are traditional Assamese sweetmeats that are the most integral of delicacies that revs up the Bihu feast. Pithas are often made from bora saul, a special kind of glutinous rice, or xaali saul, or sun-dried rice. Pithas are essential to the Assamese cuisine culture.