Planning a trip to Meghalaya? Check details


Guwahati:  Finally the wait is over as the Meghalaya Government has opened its doors for the tourists to visit the state from today.

In view of the resumption of tourism activities in Meghalaya, the state government has urged travellers and visitors to learn about all the information before visiting the beautiful place.

The government has set some guidelines for interested visitors and tourists and one must follow these rules before visiting the state. 

Tourists who have inoculated with two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine are permitted to enter the state.

Tourists who have taken a single dose of vaccine will have to furnish a negative RTPC / TruNat / CBNAAT report.

The report will be considered valid only if the person visiting the state had his test done within 72 hours prior to his or her arrival at the state’s entry point.

The same will be applicable for children within the age group of 11-18, who may accompany adult tourists.RAT test will be invalid for tourists in all cases.

It is imperative for tourists to register on the Meghalaya tourism portal or app and generate an e-invite, which will serve as a license for entry to the state.

It can be generated through the Meghalaya tourism portal ( or via applications that are available for Android and iOS users.

Tourists will have to upload a valid photo ID card on the app, including all members travelling in the group. People travelling together can generate a single e-invite. Tourists will have to furnish the e-invite at the entry points to the state.

The Meghalaya government has also issued advisories for the people of the state (like hotel and guest house staff). The staff of hotels, guest houses, homestays and cafés has been asked to get fully vaccinated to ensure the safety of everyone.

All the places offering accommodation facilities will be permitted to open as per the deputy commissioner’s orders. Besides outsiders, tourists from within the state who have taken two doses of the vaccine may stay in hotels, but they will have to produce valid documents to prove they are fully vaccinated.

For tourists (from within the state) who have taken one dose of the vaccine, the rule is similar to tourists from outside the state. Apart from that, the government has also issued some other guidelines (check out the tweet below) to ensure the complete safety of tourists and everyone in the state.