PETA activist laments the plight of birds injured by kite ‘manjha’


Ludhiana: Lamenting the plight of birds that get fatally wounded by the glass-coated ‘manjhas’ during the festival of Lohri when kites galore the sky, a PETA activist on Friday donned herself as a bird bleeding profusely due to slits all over the body.

Every year, several birds succumb to their injuries or are crippled for the like due to the wounds received from the glass-coated ‘manjhas’.

“I am protesting against the manufacturing of glass-coated manjhas, and I appeal to all the manufacturers and the people who buy them, to stop using such manjhas, as they cause too much harm to birds, animals and even people,” said Gunjan Sikka, a social activist of PETA World.

Sikka also held a kite-shaped poster, which read: “Cut out glass-coated manjha, not wings”.

“Through the use of manjhas, you can even get handicapped for life. As our environment is run by all living beings, I appeal the government to look into this matter, as it is very important for our lives,” said Sikka.

Recently, the Rajasthan government had decided to prohibit the sale and stock of “Chinese manjha”, in view of incidents of injuries and loss of life due to its use.

Lohri, primarily celebrated in the Punjab region by Sikhs and Hindus, marks the end of the winter season. Bonfire and folk songs are a major part of the celebration, and a puja parikrama around the bonfire is performed followed by the distribution of Prasad.

The festival is observed the night before Makar Sankranti or Maghi and falls on the same date nearly every year. (ANI)