People should trust Judges on CAA, says former CJI Gogoi


Gandhinagar: Former Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi on Monday said that people should trust the Judges for resolving the issues arising out of the Citizenship Amendment Act.

“The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is one of the issues that has come up before the country. The resolution of the issue must be through constitutional means. The matter is pending before the Supreme Court. I would say trust your judges,” Gogoi said at an event organised at Gujarat National Law University.

“The protests originated from my state, Assam. When I had just retired and returned to Guwahati, I saw protests for five days. The student community which was spearheading the protests said that they will stop the protests at 5 pm on the fifth day. From the sixth day onwards there was no violence. The protests continued but they were held in a democratic and peaceful manner. I am yet to see a more constructive role played by the students’ organizations in the country,” he added.

He further said that the most important fundamental duty for any citizen is to respect the unity and integrity of the nation.

“I appeal to the students to think about the judiciary. The moment we have an independent and fearless judiciary, our country will march ahead,” he said. (ANI)