People still on ‘spitting spree’, even plastic sheets can’t cover Guwahati’s ‘shame’


GUWAHATI, Dec 6: The popular adage “desperate times call for desperate measure” could well have fallen flat for city authorities. The move to cover freshly-painted road dividers at the busy GS Road in Guwahati to prevent people from spitting at them has failed to yield desired results.

People continue to be on a ‘spitting spree’ as they turn the freshly-painted road dividers red.

Guwahati is getting a major facelift ahead of the upcoming visit of PM Narendra Modi and his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe on Dec 15.

However, municipal workers were faced with a bizarre problem with a section of Guwahatians with no civic sense simply lowering their car windows or slowing their motor bikes and spitting on the dividers that have been given a fresh coat of paint.

“We are forced to cover the freshly-painted dividers with plastic sheets as people with no qualms for civic sense are simply spitting right, left and centre on the dividers,” a painter engaged in the beautification drive had told News Live on Wednesday.

However, the move failed to achieve desired results. People with no civic sense continue to brazenly flout all rules of hygiene and cleanliness that has left authorities fuming.

“It’s really sad that even after authorities covered the freshly-painted road dividers with plastic sheets, people continue to brazenly spit at them. Let alone dividers, even the plastic sheets had turned red,” Pradeep Nath, a resident of Guwahati’s Rajgarh locality, told News Live.

“People call themselves educated and cultured, drive luxurious cars and flashy motor bikes but spit at public places without any shame,” he added.

Incidentally, officials have now put up banner boards on road dividers asking people not to spit on roads and dividers.