People have decided to form NDA government in Assam: PM Modi


GUWAHATI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday addressed his last rally ahead of the third phase of polling in Assam in which he said that the people of the state have decided to form the NDA government.

“The people of Assam have decided to form NDA government in Assam. The ‘Mahajhooth’ of ‘Mahajot’ (grand alliance) has been disclosed. On the basis of my political experience and love, I can say that people have decided to form NDA government in Assam. They can’t bear those who insult Assam’s identity and propagate violence,” Prime Minister Modi said.

“We work for everyone without discrimination but some people divide the country by vote bank, which is unfortunately called secularism. But if we work for everyone, it’s called communal. Games of secularism, communalism have caused great damage to the country,” he added.

During his address, the Prime Minister also stopped his speech midway and brought everyone’s attention to an elderly BJP worker in the rally who was apparently dehydrated. He promptly directed the team of PMO doctors to give immediate assistance to the worker.

“PMO medical team, please go and see the worker who is facing issues due to dehydration. Please help him immediately the doctors who have come with me,” he said.

Later, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) informed on their Twitter handle that the person was attended and he is stable now.

“The election is still going on. I heard yesterday that some people have assumed that they have lost the election and how the next government will be formed, what the people of the government must have worn. There cannot be a bigger insult to Assam, the excitement of capturing Assam after five years from now is shocking,” the Prime Minister further said during his address.

“The Congress government in its time gave Assam a long period of violence, bomb, and gun. At the same time, the NDA government is moving forward on the path of peace and prosperity with every partner of Assam,” he added.

Urging the first-time voters of the state, the Prime Minister said: “I have a special request to the young comrades who are going to cast their vote for the first time. The vote that you will cast as India celebrates its 75th year of independence will also determine how far ahead Assam will be when we celebrate 100 years of independence. There is a clear roadmap for this in the BJP’s resolution letter.”

A voter turnout of 76 and 75 per cent was respectively registered in the first two phases of the assembly elections in Assam held on March 27 and April 1. The third and final phase of polling will be held on April 6. (ANI)