People confusing between Corona beer and coronavirus: Google search trends reveal


Washington D.C. : Out of the two coronas, one might give you a hangover while the other one can possibly kill you, but as it seems, a huge lot of people from across the globe probably don’t understand this difference.

According to Fox News, the latest Google trends statistics reflect that searches for “corona beer virus” have seen a considerable spike in the recent days.

This made it quite apparent that people are confusing between the coronavirus disease and the popular beer brand Corona.

The eastern European nation of Estonia currently leads the pack for “corona beer virus” searches with marked surges seen across all the continents.

Fortunately, a gentleman named Realeboga Mashiane shined some light over this epidemic of ignorance by tweeting an image that clearly illustrated the difference between the two coronas.

Now it is rather safe to say that you can peacefully enjoy your pint without worrying about dying from acute pneumonia. (ANI)