Pakistan will not start war with India: Imran Khan


Islamabad (Pakistan): Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday assured that his country won’t be the first to use nuclear weapons in case of war or conflict with India.

“We both are nuclear-armed countries. If these tensions increase, the world could be in danger. There will be no first from our side ever. There will never be any kind of initiative from us,” said Imran Khan at the International Sikh Convention in Governor House.

Khan’s comments comes in the wake of remarks by his ministers of nuclear war between India and Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday said his country will not start a war.

He also said that war is no solution to any issue but the prevailing situation in occupied Kashmir is not acceptable.

The prime minister remarks come hours after Pakistani Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, who predicted a full-blown war between India and Pakistan may likely occur in the month of “October or the next month”, said that that his country has “125-250 gram atom bombs”. He has also openly admitted that he was appointed by the Pakistan Army for speaking on “war”.

Pakistan has been rattled by the Indian government’s move to strip the special status accorded to Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370 and has found itself completely isolated despite desperate attempts aimed at internationalising the issue.

Pakistan has approached various world leaders, including Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, French President Emmanuel Macron and the Jordanian King Abdullah II to seek their interventions into the issue. However, Pakistan has been told to engage bilaterally with India to end tensions.

India has repeatedly made it clear that talks with Pakistan are only possible after Islamabad stops sponsoring terror.

Continuing his scathing attacks against ruling BJP government, Khan said Narendra Modi government in India “will not forgive any minority”

Recalling his previous telephonic conversation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Khan said, “I told him that there are similar circumstances both in Pakistan and India. I told him about climate change. We are sitting on a ticking bomb. If we do not address this issue (climate change) there will be a scarcity of water (in both countries). I told him that we together can solve the Kashmir dispute through dialogue.” (ANI)