Order of the Druk Gyalpo: PM Modi receives Bhutan’s highest civilian honour


Prime Minister Narendra Modi was conferred the Order of the Druk Gyalpo, Bhutan’s highest honor, making him the first foreign government leader to receive this honour from the Himalayan nation. The King of Bhutan bestowed the honor upon Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The Order of the Druk Gyalpo was bestowed upon PM Modi in recognition of “his outstanding contribution to the growth of India-Bhutan relations and for his distinguished service to the Bhutanese nation and people”.

Notably, the announcement of the honour was made by the King of Bhutan during the 114th National Day celebrations on December 17, 2021.

As per ranking and precedence established, the Order of the Druk Gyalpo was instituted as the decoration for lifetime achievement and is the pinnacle of the honour system in Bhutan, taking precedence over all orders, decorations and medals.

PM Modi who became the first foreign head of government to receive Bhutan’s highest civilian award, the ‘Order of Druk Gyalpo’ has dedicated the honour to 140 crore Indians.

Accepting the award Prime Minister Modi from the King of Bhutan on Friday, PM Modi said, “This honour is not my personal achievement, it is the honour of India and 140 crore Indians. I humbly accept this honour on behalf of all Indians in this great land of Bhutan and thank you all from the bottom of my heart for this honour.”

“Today is a very big day in my life, I have been conferred with Bhutan’s highest civilian honour. Every award is special, but when you receive an award from another country, this shows that both countries are moving on the right path…”

“I accept this honour on behalf of every Indian and thank you for this….” said the Prime Minister Modi who arrived today on a two-day State Visit to Bhutan.

Bhutan-India relations is exemplary among nations, and Prime Minster Modi’s friendship and support for all of Bhutan’s objectives and initiatives have made the bonds between the two nations stronger than ever.

“Prime Minister Modi has emerged as a figure of destiny, transforming the ancient civilization of India into a dynamic centre of technology and innovation. His commitment to safeguard the environment and invest in renewable energy makes India’s progress truly well rounded. Prime Minister Modi’s leadership has set India on the path of transformation, and India’s moral authority and global influence have grown,” the citation reads.

PM Modi’s Neighbourhood First policy has strengthened South Asia, and paved the way for collective progress.

“This award recognizes His Excellency Prime Minister Modi’s personal accomplishments and leadership, and his contributions to strengthen the bonds of friendship between India and Bhutan. It also honours India’s rise as a global power under his leadership, and celebrates Bhutan’s special bond with India,” the citation of the award said.

It said that Bhutan is honoured that a statesman of such stature is a true friend of the Bhutanese people.

Prime Minister Modi is a firm supporter of Bhutan’s national vision to achieve self-reliance and become a developed nation.

“Today, we witness a momentous ceremony, in which His Majesty The King presents the Order of Druk Gyalpo to His Excellency Shri Narendra Modi, in person,” the citation read.

Earlier today, as PM Modi arrived in the Himalayan nation, he received a special welcome at his hotel in Thimphu from youngsters of the country who gave a cultural performance of Garba on the song written by PM Modi.

Making the Gujarati folk dance more graceful, youngsters wore Gujarat’s traditional attire, Ghagra-choli and Kurta Pyjama.

The performance was staged after PM Modi interacted with the members of the Indian diaspora and the local people of Bhutan who gathered to welcome him outside the Hotel in Bhutan’s national capital, Thimphu.

The members of the Indian community on meeting PM Modi expressed their happiness and said that they felt honoured to meet PM Modi.

PM Modi’s visit is in keeping with the tradition of regular high-level exchanges between India and Bhutan and the Government’s emphasis on its Neighbourhood First Policy.