‘Open for all’ street library setup in Assam with efforts of Golaghat Police, NGO


In a bid to develop the culture of book reading among youths, students of the bordering areas along Assam-Nagaland border, the Golaghat district police have taken an initiative by setting up a street library at Chungajan area in Assam’s Golaghat district.

The district police have set up the street library in collaboration with PD Foundation, a non-governmental organization.

Pushkin Jain, Superintendent of Police of Golaghat district said that, Chungajan area is a rural and very remote area.

“We have seen that, the students of the area have aspirations for education, but they have not access. For this, we have initiated the street library concept and have made availability of some books of Assamese, English and Hindi languages. This street library is free for all and open for all. We have set up this library in the middle of the street so that any person can read books by issuing the books from here. We believe that, crime in our society will be decreased when people will more educate,” Pushkin Jain said.

He further said that, they also set up similar library at Sarupathar area.

“We have planned to set up at least one street library in the area of each police station so that, the students and people of that area can avail the access to increase knowledge. At Chungajan, the people are taking books by issuing on an average of 15 books daily,” Pushkin Jain said.

A student said that, the Chungajan area is located along Assam-Nagaland border and the people are getting more benefits from this street library.