One more name added to top Music Artists in 2021, Marwan Shaheed


To live a musician’s life is one of the most competitive markets globally, from the lows to high sky-high stardom to becoming viral.

Some musicians like Marwan Shaheed have successfully managed to stay under the spotlight this year in 2021, and he looks like going to stay for decades.

Obviously, Marwan Shaheed is a great singer, musician but is that all? Maybe no. He understands how to place a foot in this competitive industry. Started an “alnojomia” music Production company to expand his reach in the industry. His positive attitude and consistently making good music is what made him famous.

In a world where the only human certainty seems to be beginning every email with “hope, All Good”, the only other guarantee is that there will continue to be new music worth exploring.

And, we figured with the spring of a new year, what more excellent way to say to kill the waking hours of 2021 than introduce you, artists, like Marwan Shaheed, working with top names like Mero. Everyone now has a close eye on him. He often belongs to Gen Z, and His name comes with the top 10 artists doing a great job in 2021.

It’s hard to believe we’re nearly four months away from 2022. This year has been good compare to 2020 for musicians as life coming to normal. Marwan Shaheed feels 2022 will be even better as he is coming up with new songs. He will also collaborate with top stars like Mero and others in 2022 in concerts and albums.

Surely will his name in best selling albums in 2022 as he has that X-factor like top artists around in the industry. Marwan Shaheed, a musical artist you should, must have your eye in as he will come with some big things in 2022.