Omega Pro Founder Dilawar Singh’s ‘Game Changer’ Advice To All The Aspiring Entrepreneurs Is Motivating!


Guwahati: There are two types of people – one who waits for change to happen around them, and the second type creates the change themselves. Dilawar Singh, a sports trainer-turned entrepreneur, is a perfect example of the latter. When Singh wanted to change his life, he didn’t wait for it to happen itself. Singh acted on it, worked, and all his endeavours eventually paid off well.

Today, Dilawar Singh is an owner of Omega Pro World, which handles several companies under it. It is a FOREX trading company that has spread its wings in 100 countries with thousands of big clients. All this happened because Singh decided not to live a monotonous life and had the urge to transform everything around him.

As a trainer, Dilawar enjoyed the job as he had a keen interest in sports. But he craved more as he knew he had the potential to do more than just a 9-5 job. He started learning about banking, trading and network marketing in details. Once he built the confidence to stand on his own feet, he started establishing his own company.

But the journey hasn’t been a cakewalk. First, Dilawar Singh had to quit his current job as a sports trainer. So he cut his main source of income to make his big dreams come true. At the initial stage, Singh suffered and failed quite some time. But he had a lot of passion for progressing in life and was stubborn enough not to give up. He motivated himself every day to keep trying. Well, we all know how magnificent the results have turned out!

When Dilawar Singh was asked what suggestions he would give to aspiring entrepreneurs, he said, “Always remember that you can be a game-changer. You don’t have to be a player as there are already many. So always think out of the box and maintain originality. Don’t take failure as the end. It teaches us valuable lessons. Keep your mind and vision clear, and you will attain your goals.”