“No need to get dejected”, PM Modi tells ISRO scientists


Bengaluru: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday expressed solidarity with ISRO scientists after Chandrayaan-2’s Vikram module lost communication with the ground station during the powered descent leading to huge disappointment.

“Communication has been lost. I could see the anxiety on your faces. There is no eed to get disappointed because it is not a small achievement.The country is proud of you,” he said.

Modi was at the Mission Operations Complex of ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network (ISTRAC) to watch the planned soft-landing of Vikram on the Lunar surface.

If the lander had pulled off the historic touchdown, the country could have joined the US, Russia and China in soft landing on the lunar surface.

India could have also been the first to lower its lander on the hitherto unexplored south polar region of the moon.

“We have to learn a lot from your effort.As the scientists have told me if communication is re-established, it will send data. Let us hope for the best”, Modi said.

“My best wishes to you. You have done a great service to the nation and science. We too are learning a lot from you all. In future too our journey will continue.

I am fully with you all. Let us move with courage. I have belief that due to your efforts, the country will once again start celebrations,” the Prime Minister said,

Addressing the crestfallen scientists, he said he could sense their disappointment and asked them not to lose hope.

“I see disappointment on your faces. No need to get dejected. We have learnt a lot.”

Modi also tweeted: “These are moments to be courageous, and courageous we will be! We remain hopeful and will continue working hard on our space programme”.

He said India was proud of its scientists.

“India is proud of our scientists! Theyve given their best and have always made India proud,” Modi said.

Modi also interacted with students and answered questions.

Dozens of students from across the country selected by ISRO through an online quiz were at the ground station to witness the lander’s descent.

Coming out in support of the scientific community, Home Minister Amit Shah said the country stood by them.

“ISROs achievement with getting Chandrayaan-2 so far has made every Indian proud. India stands with our committed and hard working scientists at @isro.

My best wishes for future endeavours,” he tweeted. (PTI)