“No good picking up arms against us”, Taliban sternly warns new political outfit


Afghanistan: The Taliban last evening warned the new political outfit called the “High Council of National Resistance of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan” consisting of former government officials along with mujahideen leaders and said making a resistance front and picking up arms will not yield good results.

The formation of this new political movement, “High Council of National Resistance of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan” was announced recently that has attracted strong reactions from the Islamic outfit.

According to reports, the leader of the splinter faction of Jamiat-e-Islami, Atta Mohammad Noor took to social media to announce the formation of a movement and revealed that the movement consists of various “mainstream groups”.

Citing a statement by the movement, local media reports have reported that the new Afghani political outfit wants to adopt the path of dialogue to reach an agreement with the newly formed Emirate. However, it has also cautioned that if the Emirate does not respond positively, the movement would soon pick up arms.

Following the announcement, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid warned them saying no one can threaten the people of Afghanistan in the name of resistance.

The Taliban had seized control of Afghanistan in August as US troops withdrew from the country after staying for two decades. The Taliban ousted the elected government and put in place an inetrim government and declaring the country an “Islamic Emirate”.