No case of coronavirus detected in Mizoram: Health Dept


Aizawl: The Mizoram government’s Health department on Tuesday said that no case of novel coronavirus has been detected in the state.

Health department principal director Dr F Lallianhlira told PTI that wrong information was circulated in social media that a person, who was suspected to be infected with coronavirus, has been admitted to states Zoram Medical College (ZMC).

He said the patient have returned from Goa recently and was admitted to the hospital on Monday as he suffered from certain illness.

“The patient did not develop any symptoms of coronavirus,” Lianhlira said, adding that he confirmed the matter with the authority of ZMC.

The princial director also said that there was hardly the possibility for the patient to contact with novel coronavirus as he arrived from Goa, where the spread of the deadly disease was not known.

ZMC director Dr L Fimate also told PTI that the patient has been admitted at the medical college on Monday and was diagnosed with tuberculosis and other serious illness.

Fimate said that he has convened a meeting with doctors and other medical staffs after the rumour was spread in social media and cautioned them against faux pas.

“The news was just a rumour as the patient was suffering from TB and other illness. We have confirmed that he did not develop symptoms of coronavirus,” Fimate said.

Meanwhile, the state government has put six students, who have returned from China, under home isolation as a precautionary measure.

The students are being closely monitored by the health department. None of them were found developing symtoms of coronavirus.

The state government has also sent blood samples of two out of the six students to Institute of Cholera and Enteric Disease (NICED) in Kolkata for laboratory test as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of coronavirus in case the students develop the symptoms during incubation period.

The students have returned to Mizoram from China in early February.-PTI