No bridge, road connectivity: Villagers of Assam’s Karbi Anglong forced to carry patients on shoulders to reach hospital


Guwahati: Due to the lack of a bridge or proper road connectivity, the villagers of Assam’s Karbi Anglong district have been forced to carry patients on their shoulders to cross the river in a bid to reach a hospital.

According to the reports, the villagers of Binhup village in the Singhasan area in the hill district are facing massive problems due to the non-availability of bridges and proper road connectivity in their locality.

Not only Binhup village, but the villagers of Dhansing Ronghang and Upper Deikrung are also facing similar problems.

The villagers of the remote area have been forced to carry patients on their shoulders by crossing the river to reach the nearest hospital located in the Manja area which is located about 18-20 km from their locality.

Locals alleged that there is no proper road connectivity or bridge in their area.

Dr Numal Momin, Deputy Speaker of Assam Legislative Assembly and local MLA of Bokajan constituency of Karbi Anglong district said that the Congress regime who ruled the hill district for the last seven decades is primarily responsible for this pathetic condition.

Speaking to ANI, Momin said, “Being a doctor it pains me a lot because during the Congress regime, in the last seven decades they did not do anything for development. After Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister in 2014 and forming of the BJP-led government in Assam in 2016, we started development. Construction of roads and bridges are going on very rapidly.”

“Seven decades of deficit cannot be compensated with seven years of our regime. That is why people are still suffering. We have covered 60-70 per cent, but 30-40 per cent we have needed to develop. That is why few incidents like people carrying patients in thela or trolley crossing a river without bridge or road connectivity are happening and that incidents are very much true,” he said.

He alleged that the Hill areas and people from backward sections were completely ignored by the Congress government.

“The Congress regime is mainly responsible for this pathetic condition and they had ruled for seven decades. They did not think anything, particularly for the hill area, backward people – no infrastructure, no educational institutions, no health sector,” Momin said.

Mentioning the development works of the BJP government, he said a new medical college has been established in Diphu, a 100-bed hospital in Bokajan and 200-bed hospital has been made in Haflong.

“In the last BJP government tenure when current the Chief Minister was the Finance and PWD minister, he had sanctioned 50 bridges in my constituency Bokajan and those bridges are already completed. This time also he promised to sanction 20-30 more bridges alone in my constituency. I think this problem will be resolved in the next 10 years and the people of Karbi Anglong will get well-communicated areas in hill district,” added Momin. (ANI)