Nimatighat Ferry Accident: Missing Indreswar Bora’s dead body recovered in Biswanath


Guwahati: The body of Indreswar Bora, who was missing after the tragic ferry accident at Nimatighat on Wednesday, has been recovered on a riverine island named ‘Bhasa island’ at Biswanath Ghat on Saturday morning. 

The body has been recovered by the forest department officials and has been identified by the documents recovered from him. 

Initially, it was suspected that the decomposed dead body might have had relevance to the Nimati Ghat boat incident. The boat accident had taken place on September 8, 2021, and two people were missing.

It is to be mentioned that Bora’s bag was recovered on Friday in Biswanath.

The family members have identified the deceased as Indraswar Bora. As per sources, the one recovered was wearing a full white shirt, white shoes, jeans, and a watch on his left wrist. 

It may be mentioned that two persons were missing since the ferry accident took place at Nimatighat on Wednesday. The SDRF, NDRF and police department continued their search operations for the two missing persons.

However, Dr. Bikramjit Baruah, a resident of Jorhat is still missing.

Bora’s bag containing PAN, Aadhar Cards and Voter IDs of his wife was retrieved at Sowaguri near Biswanathghat in Biswanath district, said a police official.

Bora, a school teacher at Rajgarh High School rescued his wife Ruprekha and other fellow passengers to safety before going missing with the sinking vessel on the Brahmaputra.