Newly-laid road wears out after a few days in Bodoland


GUWAHATI: The much-hyped Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) model has turned into a bad dream for the people of this area.

The latest of many examples is a newly-constructed road that connects Udalguri to Ghagra covering a distance of 6 kilometres. The top-layer of the road came off in no time after its construction. It is to be mentioned that the layering on the road was done just a few days ago.

“Only two labourers were employed by the contractor during the construction of the road and it was built with the lowest quality materials available.  Potholes were also not filled with required materials. Moreover, the road was not cleaned before the bitumen was sprayed. That is what caused the wear out in such a short time. We complained about the matter to the supervisor but he did not respond to our complaint,” a local resident stated.

Locals also stated that the contractor, Umesh Beria has disappointed them and they demand immediate repair of the road.