New SOP on Wednesday, inter-district travel to remain suspended in Assam


GUWAHATI: The COVID19 situation in Assam hasn’t improved to open inter-district movement of people said chief minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma.  “We have kept the inter-district travel suspended. We are not in a situation to open inter-district travel. Movement of people among the districts will lead to further transmission of COVID19 from one district to the other. This will take us back to the same situation we were in earlier. Only when the COVID19 infection rate comes down in the districts we will think about opening travel,” said Dr. Sarma.

On the condition of seven districts of Assam that are under full containment, the chief minister said, “Of the 2300 prevailing cases in Assam, 1300 are from these seven-eight districts. Other districts did not have so many cases. It is because of these 7-8 districts we are facing trouble.”

The new SOP will be released on Wednesday. Those districts where COVID19 situation is witnessing improvement, the curfew timings will be relaxed from 2 PM to 4 PM, said CM Sarma.

Curfew timings will be relaxed in some districts, informed the chief minister, “Our concern is about seven of these districts. In the rest of the districts the shops will remain open till 3 PM and curfew will start at 4 PM. We will implement these timings in all districts except those having more than 100 COVID19 cases, daily.”

In Kamrup(Metro), the timings will remain the same, 5Pm to 5 AM, till the COVID19 daily cases reach 250. Not all cases can be counted from Kamrup(Metro) as people come from nearby districts for treatment and get counted, said Himanta Biswa Sarma.