New Eco-Tourism Park Inaugurated In Dima Hasao


Guwahati:  A new Eco Tourism Park in the NC Hills has been added in the list of tourist spot in Assam. 

The park is nearby the Panimur waterfalls, also known as the “Mini Niagara Falls,” in the Dima Hasao district, around 220 kilometres from Guwahati and 150 kilometres from the district headquarters in Haflong.

NC Hills Autonomous Council chief executive member, Debolal Gorlosa formally inaugurated the Eco park on Sunday in presence of other NCHAC members and huge number of public gathering. He also inaugurated the newly completed improved approach road of the waterfall followed by inauguration of renovated temple at the site.

The park is contructed at a cost of Rs. 16 crores under a special package of MoS.

The project was undertaken under a special package of MoS, costing around ₹16 crores. Mr. Gorsola, speaking at the event said that currently there were 40 rooms to provide accommodation for guests but more would be added soon.

Panimur waterfall along the Kopili river, one of the most famous and most visited tourist hotspot in Assam. Panimur is a historical and sacred place for the Dimasa tribe.