New APCC president to be announced any moment: Ripun Bora


GUWAHATI: The Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) will soon have a new president. The present president Ripun Bora has already put down his papers taking responsibility for the party’s defeat in the recently-held Assembly Elections.

Talking to News Live in Rajiv Bhawan, Guwahati, Ripun Bora said that a new president will be appointed and the letter may come from Congress high command at any moment. Bora also informed that the Indian National Congress is gearing up for the by-polls for three constituencies – Gossaigaon, Tamulpur and Mariani – in Assam. Three committees have already been formed for the by-polls.

On being questioned about workers and leaders leaving the party, Ripun Bora said, “People are moving out from Congress to other parties. It is obvious and it happens with all the parties all the time. This is not the first time. Whenever a political party loses power and gets defeated in elections, it faces difficult challenges. We have lost many times in states and centre and as a result members have left the party and gone to other parties. We never want any worker to leave the party but even if they leave us the Congress is not a weak political party.”