New And Powerful India Will Give Befitting Reply To China, Pakistan: Rajnath Singh


New Delhi: Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has warned both China and Pakistan by saying that the ‘new and powerful India’ will give a befitting reply to any efforts made by the latter if they attempt to destabilize peace in the country.

He said this while addressing the Shaheed Samman Yatra in Uttarakhand’s Pithorgarh.

“Pakistan makes all efforts to destabilize peace in India but we have sent a clear message to them that we will hit back. This is a new and powerful India,” he said.

Without taking the name of China, Singh said that there is another neighbour which does not seem to understand things. During his speech, the defence minister made it clear that India will give a fitting reply, if any country in the world makes an attempt to occupy even an inch of our India’s land.

He further while hailing the Kumaon battilion said that he was informed that 114 jawans, who were martyred, killed over 1,200 Chinese soldiers.

“I went to Rezang La where I was told about the miracle done by 124 jawans of Kumaon battalion. It can never be forgotten. I was told that 114 jawans were martyred, but they killed over 1,200 Chinese soldiers,” Singh added.

The defence minister also said that India wants good ties with its neighbour and has never attacked any country. “India never occupied a foreign territory. Having good ties with neighbours has been India’s culture but some people don’t understand this,” he said.

Recalling, India’s victory in 1971, Singh warned the neighbours to not to live under any delusion.

(Inputs from Agencies)