Navy bans use of Facebook by naval personnel


New Delhi, Dec 30: Soon after its seven personnel were allegedly caught leaking sensitive information to Pakistani intelligence agencies after being honey-trapped, Indian Navy has banned the use of Facebook by naval personnel.

It has also banned smartphones at naval bases, dockyards and on-board warships.

The “stringent” step has been taken by Navy soon after seven naval personnel were caught leaking sensitive information to enemy intelligence agencies over social media, Navy officials said.

In an internal order issued by the Navy, it stated that bans on messaging apps, networking and blogging, content sharing, hosting, e-commerce sites are under promulgation.

About 10 days ago, the Andhra Pradesh Police had busted a spy racket run on social media by Pakistani Intelligence operatives in which seven of Navy personnel were arrested from Vishakhapatnam, Karwar and Mumbai.

Navy officials said restrictions were earlier also imposed on its personnel over the use of social media and other networking sites. (ANI)