National-level shooter Konica Layak dies by suicide in Kolkata


Guwahati: A 26-year-old national-level shooter from India was found dead under mysterious circumstances inside her hostel room in West Bengal’s Howrah.

According to reports, the aspiring shooter, Konica Layak was found hanging in her hostel room on Thursday, Dec. 16.

The investigators have recovered a handwritten note, apparently signed by the shooter, from the hostel room. The note indicates that she decided to end her life due to performance-related issues. 

The police are yet to confirm the death as suicide as they are examining the note to confirm the handwriting on it is that of the now-deceased shooter. 

Konica was training with the former Olympian and Arjuna Award winner Joydeep Karmakar in Kolkata. 

According to reports Konica had been missing her training sessions for the past 10 days and that she seemed disturbed due to some unknown reason. 

“This is shocking news to all of us. She was doing okay in practice but of late she was missing her sessions a lot due to one reason or the other,” Karnakar said

According to the coach, Konika was due to get married in Feb. next year. 

“She was to get married soon. I don’t really know what happened or forced her to take this step. We are heartbroken,” he added.
He also revealed that Konica had been disqualified from the national championships for target manipulation, adding that she was indeed disappointed about her performance but had reportedly managed to overcome the failure.

“That was a serious charge. However, she got over the shock and disappointment and was training well after it. So again I cannot really understand what she did and why she did it,” Karnakar told the station.

As this is an ongoing investigation the authorities have revealed no further details at the time of this writing.