Nation of Momo Lovers: Over 1 Crore Momos Ordered In 2021 from Zomato


Guwahati: Momos have topped the list of most ordered food on Zomato in 2021.

According to Zomato, over 1.06 crore people ordered momos (steamed/ fried meat/ vegetable wheat balls) on its app in 2021.

In a blogpost, the online food ordering platform said that 1.06 crore people ordered momos in 2021, while vada pav was ordered by 31.57 lakh people this year.

On the other hand, samosas were ordered by 72.97 lakh people.

Tushar, a Delhi-based customer, seemed to have a pizza filled 2021, having placed order for 389 pizzas during the year.

During the India vs Pakistan T20 cricket match in October, over 10.6 lakh people ordered food from Zomato, the report said.

According to Zomato, the year’s largest order, for Rs 33,000, was placed by a customer in Ahmedabad.

The combo of Paneer Butter Masala, a gravy laden, spicy concoction of paneer and butter, and Butter Naan (buttered grilled bread) was ordered about 11 lakh times on the platform this year.

“Vicky and Katrina were the second most popular couple of 2021, the first being Paneer Butter Masala and Butter Naan. They were ordered together more than 1.1 million times,” Zomato said in an Instagram post.

Biryani, once again, got the green light as India’s top dish in 2021.

Zomato said it delivered two biryanis every second during 2021.

Further, Dosa was the second most ordered food item on the platform. Zomato received over 88 lakh orders during 2021.

The company further claimed that Zomato Pro users, who get additional discounts on orders with annual subscription, saved Rs 250 crore in 2021.