Nagaland Worst-Performing State in Northeast SDG Index: NITI Aayog


Guwahati:  Nagaland has performed poorly in poverty, health and affordable energy and has become the worst-performing state overall in the Northeast region, revealed a report from NITI Aayog.

As per the first edition of NITI Aayog’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Index, Nagaland’s 12 districts have been placed in the “performer” category of the index, reported a local media.

All the seven states’ districts have been placed in any of the four categories. These are – aspirant (0-49), performer (50-64), front-runner (65-99) and achiever (100). The placements are done according to the districts’ performance in connection to the goals in the report.

Nagaland performed poorly in six goals – no poverty, good health and well being, clean and affordable energy, sustainable cities and communities and industry, innovation and infrastructure, a report from the NITI Aayog stated.

As per the report, the state had a mixed performance in reducing inequalities, quality education, climate action and peace and justice. However, Nagaland has done a good job in no hunger SDG, sanitation, economic growth and gender equality.

Experts says, Nagaland, which has grappled with the problem of insurgency for decades, has given rise to a corrupt government and it ultimately resulted in the absence of development.