Myria Aims To Grow & Become The Largest Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem In The World, Here’s How!


Blockchain technology is taking the world by storm. Be it Metaverse, NFTs or Play to Earn gaming, there’s a lot of stuff that’s leaving everyone excited. Moreover, it provides a decentralised way of communication and transactions which is something a lot of internet consumers have been waiting for a long time.

Myria, a decentralised Ethereum Layer 2 platform is now supporting the scaling process of blockchain technology by empowering digital assets, NFT and blockchain gaming. Myria combines a gaming platform with applications, tools and scaling infrastructure needed to bring blockchain gaming to life.

The founding members of Myria include leading gaming and blockchain industry veterans. The team also includes over 100 people who have united to build it with a common vision of revolutionizing gaming with blockchain technology. The official statement of Myria defines its vision as, “We see Myria growing to be the largest blockchain gaming ecosystem in the world. We are building an open permissionless platform with easy to use developer tools (APIs & SDKs) that will allow anyone to plug into our infrastructure and build on our platform. Our aim is to bring blockchain gaming to the masses,”

Let’s have a look at the ecosystem of Myria and how it provides a decentralized, scalable and secure digital asset and blockchain-gaming platform.

1) Myria Infrastructure

Myria’s Ethereum L2 scaling solution uses ZK-Rollup to enable dApps to achieve unlimited scale, low transaction fees without sacrificing security.

2) Myria Studios

Myria Studios creates a range of free-to-play AAA games that span across an entire interconnected ecosystem, built with the new standard of interoperable NFTs.

3) Myria Partners

Myria helps project partners in setting up for success. It also helps them learn more about its easy-to-use, full-stack solution and build with Myria today.

4) Myria Nodes

The Myria platform is supported by Myria Nodes. Being a Myria Node operator means that one will have access to limited edition NFTs, token rewards and more.

Myria’s Ethereum L2 scaling solution uses zero-knowledge technology (zk-STARKs) to “roll-up” or bundle thousands of L2 transactions into one single transaction. This then sends validity proof back to the main blockchain, preserving the security of L1 Ethereum. Myria’s STARK-based zkrollup solution enables NFTs and dApps to achieve unlimited scale, and low transaction fees without sacrificing security.