Motorcycle-borne miscreants snatch Rs 40 lakh from driver of cash depositing van in Guwahati


Two motorcycle-borne miscreants snatched Rs 40 lakh from the driver of a cash depositing van in Fancy Bazaar, Guwahati, today (Aug 27). The incident took place at 11:15 am outside the Federal Bank when the driver of the agency was walking towards the ATM to deposit the cash.

The driver of the agency feeding cash in ATMs and two other custodians were out to deposit Rs 1.4 crore cash in various ATMs. The driver was walking towards the ATM carrying Rs 40 lakh when two motorcycle-borne miscreants snatched the money from him before making good his escape.

Incidentally, there were no securitymen with him, which police say, is not part of the routine procedure generally followed.

“There are lapses on the part of the agency since no security person was present when the driver and two custodians went to deposit the cash. We are investigating the matter. No one, however, has been arrested so far,” Guwahati Commissioner of Police Deepak Kumar said.

The rest of the money was with the other employees and could not be taken away by the miscreants.