Modi strikes the right notes!


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has more than just ‘Mann ki Baat’ to offer the nation, a sort of fireside chat that has caught the fancy of millions of Indians. This time it’s music and a song about millets and the benefits of it!

Modi’s collaboration with Indian-American singer Falu seems to have gone quite the distance, having been nominated for the Grammy in the best global music performance category, as officials said on Friday. Modi, who has been seen joining performers in various parts of the country  while partaking in various functions is known for his oratory, that has left many across the world quite speechless. This, though, would be a first. “Abundance in Millets”, which has been sung by Mumbai-born singer-songwriter Falguni Shah (Falu goes her stage name), and her husband and singer Gaurav Shah, has been nominated for the award.

For Indians around the world it is now time to wait, for that one precious line from the presenter that goes “And the Grammy goes to…”, to be followed by that deafening applause.

As for the millets story, in a country that forges forth against all odds towards becoming a superpower, millets, a source of protein and a range of nutritional goodness, that all-Indian delicacy is now poised to have its own anthem at the dinner table!