Modammed Sanaullah released from detention center


Former Army officer and Kargil War veteran Mohammed Sanaullah was on Saturday released from a detention centre in Guwahati.

He was granted bail on Friday by Gauhati High Court with a condition of Rs 20000 bail bond, two local sureties and his bio-metrics.

The High Court also issued notices to the central government and authorities of the National Register of Citizens (NRC).

Sanaullah was detained by police in May for failing to conform with the rules of NCR, a register of Indian citizens prepared in 1951 which is being updated currently to weed out illegal immigrants from Assam.

“We had filed a writ petition and interlocutory application on behalf of petitioner Sanaullah in Guwahati High Court division bench. On writ petition, HC has issued a notice to all respondents including Union of India, state of Assam, NRC authority and the then inquiry officer. In the interlocutory application, the bail order proceeding took place,” Sanaullah’s counsel, advocate Yed Burhanpur Rahman, told ANI.

The lawyer said that the next hearing will take place in about two months.

Mohammad Sanaullah, 52, who retired as an honorary Lieutenant in the Army was arrested soon after he was summoned by the Assam Police Border Organisation, or the Border Police, in Guwahati on May 28.

Before joining Border Police, Sanaullah served in the Army for 30 years and was designated as a Captain. He was also conferred a medal by the President of India for his service.