Mob Of 200 People Vandalises ISKCON Temple In Dhaka, Three Devotees injured


Guwahati: An ISKCON Radhakanta temple in Bangladesh’s capital city Dhaka was vandalised on Thursday evening.

According to purported reports, a mob stormed the ISKON Radhakanta temple located in Dhaka Bangladesh at around 7 pm on Thursday. This temple is situated at 222, Lal Mohan Saha Street in Wari, Dhaka.

As per the unconfirmed reports, more than 200 people forcibly entered the temple and started vandalising it. The mob is also rumoured to have looted the temple.

ISKCON Kolkata’s Vice President said three people were injured in the incident as reports also mention that those present in the temple were beaten up.

Speaking about the incident, ISKCON Kolkata’s VP Radharamn Das said: “Last evening when devotees were preparing for Buddha Purnima celebration, a mob of 200 people entered premises of Shri Radhakanta Temple, Dhaka and attacked them, 3 of them were injured in scuffle. Fortunately, they called Police and were able to drive away miscreants.”

“These attacks are a matter of grave concern. We request the Bangladesh government to take stringent action and provide security to Hindu minorities in the country,” he added, as quoted by news agency ANI.

This incident comes despite the Bangladesh government’s assurances on the security of the minority community.

Last year, an ISKCON temple in Noakhali city in Bangladesh was vandalised and a devotee was killed by a mob on October 16.

Communal tensions gripped Bangladesh following allegations of the Quran being dishonoured at a puja pavilion in Cumilla on October 13. The rumours triggered violence in several districts across the country.

At least four people were killed in police shootings during the attack on Puja locations in Chandpur’s Hajiganj on October 13, 2021, and in Noakhali’s Choumuhani, attacks on Hindu temples left two people dead on October 15.