Mithun Chakraborty hospitalised after complaining of chest pain


Veteran actor and BJP leader Mithun Chakraborty was admitted to a private hospital in Kolkata after he complained of chest pain on Saturday morning.

As per a media report, he felt uneasy, following which he was admitted. Currently, he is undergoing treatment, and his health condition remains a matter of concern.

Mithun Chakraborty’s family is yet to confirm or issue a formal statement. 

Mithun Chakraborty was recently conferred the prestigious Padma Bhushan Award.

The actor and politician expressed his feelings post the news and said in a video in Bengali, “I am proud, I am happy to have received this award. I would like to thank everyone. I have never asked anything for myself from anyone. I am experiencing the feeling of receiving something without asking today. It’s a different feeling altogether. It’s a great feeling.”

Meanwhile, Mithun was last seen in the Bengali film ‘Kabuliwala’. It released in the theatres in December 2023. The film has been directed by Suman Ghosh. While speaking to Hindustan Times Bangla about the film, Mithun said, “Kabuliwala is not just any film that I thought of doing casually. Although it’s a Bengali film, it’s important to remember that it’s about an Afghan speaking Bengali, not a Bengali-speaking Afghan. Nowadays, everyone observes everything very minutely, so this was a big deal. The film shows how an Afghan learns Bengali and speaks it with a mix of Hindi and Bengali.”

In a video message last month, the 73-year-old actor, who made his acting debut in Mrinal Sen’s Mrigaya, and has had a career spanning about five decades, said, “After a lot of struggle and hard work, I have finally received such an honour… It is a feeling I can’t express. I am dedicating this to all my fans in India and abroad, who have given me unconditional love.”