Migrant worker dies midway while cycling to UP from Maharashtra


Barwani: A migrant worker, who was going back to Uttar Pradesh, his home state, from Maharashtra on a cycle, died midway in Madhya Pradesh’s Barwani on Friday.

The man collapsed after peddling for hours and had started his journey from Bhiwandi town in Maharashtra.

“He was found in an unconscious state and was taken to a hospital. He passed away during the treatment. The postmortem report is awaited,” said G Dhangar, SDM.

Ever since the lockdown was announced in March, migrant workers have been left stranded in various states and have been forced to undertake long journeys back home, some of which have been fatal.

Meanwhile, the central government has allowed special trains to take the migrants back to their respective home states.

The lockdown, which was scheduled to end on May 3, has been extended by another two weeks. (ANI)