Meet NEET 2021 Topper Mrinal Kutteri who Binged Netflix and Studied 4 Hours a Day


Guwahati: NEET 2021 entrance exam result was released by NTA on Monday (November 1).

Out of 16.4 lakh aspirants, three secured a perfect score, achieving a NEET entrance exam scorecard of 720 out of 720 marks.

Hyderabad’s Mrinal Kutteri topped the NTA NEET 2021 entrance exam with AIR 1. Delhi’s Tanmay Gupta and Mumbai’s Karthika G Nair also secured the perfect score, coming AIR 2 and AIR 3 respectively.

Now, in an inclusive interview with News18, Mrinal said that, unlike many toppers, he didn’t really have a fixed routine and used to study for four hours in a day and he also took breaks every 45 minutes.

He also claims to have binged sitcoms on Netflix and Amazon Prime during his two-and-a-half years of NEET preparation.

Mrinal said that the TV shows kept him motivated during grim times.

“I used to get intimidated reading interviews of toppers who claim to study at least 12 hours a day. During the pandemic when I was at home, I had access to a phone, TV, and laptop. All these were distractions and in the beginning, I had to focus and redirect myself towards studying. It got better with time. I used to spend around 4 hours a day studying,” Mrinal told News18.

“When I used to read topper interviews, I used to find out what timetable they follow and what routine worked for them. During my preparation, I, too, followed a lot of routines but later I realised that a structured approach does not work for me. I was lucky to have parents and teachers who never forced me and did not discourage in my own style of studying,” he added.

Mrinal also told a leading daily, “I did not leave my hobbies while preparing for NEET. I think that to do so would have been counterproductive.”

Mrinal has been preparing for NEET since he was in Class 11. The 18-year-old is set to become the first doctor in his family. He aspires to study MBBS from AIIMS, New Delhi.