Meet Aman Bhadouria: A multi-faceted professional carving a special place for himself as an model and music producer


This young gritty and talented individual has gone the distance in the field of modelling and music making him one of the most sought-after professional.

Of the many different fields that people choose as career and full-time profession, modelling industry and music industry can be at the forefront of it providing many millions of opportunities to millions of budding artists that come in tremendous numbers year after year. But with umpteen number of opportunities also comes never ending and cut-throat competition. One has to work extremely hard to pass through many different bubbles and struggles to end up being successful and victorious. Meet one such super talented millennial artist making his own way in both of the fields of music and modelling- Aman Bhadouria.

With both the sectors being as big as any ocean, it becomes very difficult for young guns to sail their way through to attain fame and success for themselves. Aman too faced the same early in his career, Being mere 20 years of age, he tried his hand in many different fields and niches. But unlike others, he stood up to big occasions ending up as a winner in whatever he pursued. Having already spread his magic as an digital entrepreneur and fashion influencer, Aman had an resonating inner drive to explore more niche domains and make his name there as well. Having worked as model for many different brands, he has walked the ramp multiple times and showcased his stage presence like no other. Hailing from Agra, Aman has already been around the world working with many reputed brands, labels and businesses. He has also worked with Amazon making his global aspirations come true.

With proving his prowess as an successful model, Aman is now further exploring the world of Music. Having produced many melodious and blissful songs, he has been gaining momentum as an aspiring music producer. Aman opines that “Music is something that drives him and brings in more peace, at the same time it pours sheer happiness in people’s lives. In addition to gaining humongous popularity in the music and modelling domains, Aman also owns his fashion magazine named “TheUnstoppableMagazine”.

For more details, visit his website and follow him on Instagram @amanbhadouriaa.