Media was very fond of Jaitley: Modi


New Delhi: In his tribute to the late BJP stalwart Arun Jaitley, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday touched on his close relations with the media, saying journalists were very fond of him as he could give them in 8-10 minutes what they would have otherwise take many hours to find out.

“The media was very fond of him. Because they (journalists) would get in 8-10 minutes if they met Arun Jaitley which would have otherwise taken them work of 8-10 hours. He would explain to them and tell them what is right and wrong. He was helpful to the media by and large,” Modi said at a ‘Shradhanjali Sabha’ here.

His life was full of diversity, he said, adding Jaitley would be aware of all “latest things” and knew things inside out.

Jaitley also had a knack for one-liners, the prime minister said.

The former finance minister was probably the most media savvy national leader of the BJP for decades and was considered his party’s most articulate face.

Former BJP president and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said the party would always turn to him set its narrative on various issues. (PTI)