Massive tsunami is coming, India should prepare for economic devastation: Rahul Gandhi


New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday slammed Centre over the current situation of the economy saying that a massive “tsunami” is coming and the Government is not clear about what they have to do. 

“I have been warning the government that a massive tsunami is coming and they are not clear about what they have to do. India should be preparing itself not just for COVID-19 but for the economic devastation that is coming. I am saying it again and again, nobody is listening to me. Our people are going to go through unimaginable pain in the next six months,” said Gandhi.

He continued saying that the Indian economy is going to be devasted and the country is going to suffer.

“It’s going to be the most painful thing this country is going to suffer. It’s like a tsunami is coming…in Andman Nicobar before the tsunami came the water went out, when the water went out everybody went to get to fishes and then the water came in. So the water will come,” he added.

“We have come into a mindset which is Mr Narendra Modi’s mindset that we are rated by some outsiders. I am not bothered what outsiders are saying. These people want to be rated by Moody’s, Standard and Poor to be rated by Mr Trump. I don’t care about that rating. I know what our stances are, start to create a defensive situation,” he added. (ANI)