Manipur’s singer takes music in deeper sense of life


Imphal (Manipur) : A singer, songwriter, and composer from Manipur, Theithei Luithui’s aim is to narrate the enchanting stories she grew up listening, through her songs.

Motivated by folklore and folk songs, the talented musician’s songs are about relationships, social issues, freedom, environment, and songs about life.

“My origin is very important when it comes to storytelling because I am telling stories through my songs. All the stories I heard from parents, grandparents, and many of the elders I have lived with for so long while growing up. I put those stories into my song,” Luithui, the singer from Langdang village, Ukhrul district said.

Her first Tangkhul album ‘Thingna Chiphan’ was released in 2010. In one of her songs titled ‘Kakahang’, she narrates the story of a farmer’s life and the happiness that one gets from reaping the harvest through sweat and labor.

Theithei’s soulful voice has also enthralled the audience in several festivals like Shirui Lily, Orange festival, Luingaini, and many tourism festivals in Manipur.
The singer added: “The songs that I sing are about cultural influences and the stories I grew up listening to and that reflects in my songs. And if we could boost the standards of studios in our region and if the artist would get better at singing, I believe we will have a better impact/result. And also we need to have more support systems and encourage the artist of our state”.

In the era where old traditional melodies and the essence of indigeneity are dwindling, Theithei’s music embeds and preserves the intricate essence of tribal culture, literature, and songs.

Creating new poetic emotions in her songs, Theithei endeavors to breathe new life into the aged old culture through her music. (ANI)