Manipur govt declares entire state ‘disturbed area’ under AFSPA amid unrest


Manipur Government has extended the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act 1958 (AFSPA) for another six months starting on October 1, in all parts of Manipur except nineteen police stations in seven districts.

The Disturbed area declaration under AFSPA in Manipur (except Imphal Municipality area) is in operation since 2004. In April 2022, AFSPA was removed from 15 police station areas in six districts and from April 1, the Disturbed Area notification was withdrawn from four other police stations. So far, 19 police station limits in seven districts of Manipur have been removed from the disturbed area notification under AFSPA.

The Manipur Government said a detailed assessment on the ground couldn’t be done as “sister agencies” are preoccupied in maintenance of law and order.

“Further, the issue of declaration of “Disturbed area” status is very sensitive and may likely attract public criticism and resistance if proper care is not taken. Keeping in view of above and the overall law and order situation in the State and the capability of the State machineries, the State Government has decided to maintain status quo on the present disturbed area status in the State of Manipur excluding the areas falling under the 19 police stations for a period of 6(six) months w.e.f. 01/10/2023”

Amid the ongoing ethnic violence in the State, the Army demanded that valley districts be brought under the purview of AFSPA.