Bhogali Bihu: Mejis burnt, prayers offered as Covid fails to dampen spirits


Guwahati: People in Assam today soaked themselves in Bhogali Bihu festivities today.

Mejis made of hay, bamboo etc. were burnt early in the morning with people praying obeisance to fire (Agni) for the good health, peace, happiness and prosperity for their near and dear ones.

The looming wave of Covid could not act as a dampener to the Bhogali celebrations. People treated themselves with sumptuous Uruka feasts both in the community and in the households on Magh Bihu’s eve.

However, the Covid restrictions barred anyone from staying overnight in ‘Bhelaghars’ which are temporary thatched structures made specially for the occasion and burnt along with the Meji.

Reports of traditional games and sports like egg fights, buffalo fights et. that are an integral part of the Magh Bihu celebrations are streaming in.

A traditional cock fight was organised in Dibrugarh district which saw people gather in large numbers to witness the spectacle.