Lunar Eclipse 2021: Don’t Miss The Super Blood Moon Of May 26


Guwahati: A Super Blood Moon and total Lunar Eclipse, the first in over two years, will be seen on May 26. There are many special features of this Lunar Eclipse and Super Blood Moonand so try not to miss it. You will find several links online where you can watch this celestial drama live on Wednesday.

The Lunar Eclipse or Chandra Grahan won’t be seen from most parts of India. Only few places in the eastern parts of the country will be able to see the partial eclipse close to the eastern horizon after moonrise. Since it’s a special one we will try to tell you the FAQs about the Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse.

Can we see the total Lunar Eclipse (Chandra Grahan) and Super Blood Moon in India?

Most people in India will not be able to see the Super Blood Moon and total Lunar Eclipse since the moon will be below the eastern horizon during the eclipse. Those living in the eastern parts of the country are likely to see the last part of the eclipse. The partial Lunar Eclipse will start around 3:15 PM and end at 6:22 PM in Kolkata. Here is the Chandra Grahan time for those who want to know: In India, the total Lunar Eclipse would start at 2:17 PM and end at 7:19 PM.

Why is the Full Moon of May 26 called a Super Blood Moon?

The term Blood Moon is not a scientific one but certain Full Moons are called the Super Blood Moon as it is at its closest point to Earth in its orbit and that makes it look larger than usual. The moon appears reddish and rusty when it moves through Earth’s shadow.