LRO claims Ajmal Foundation funds came from IHH that has links with al-Qaeda


Guwahati: The Legal Rights Observatory (LRO) has received a strong response to allegations that the Ajmal Foundation received a bribe from a terrorist organization.

Meanwhile, AIUDF president, and MP Badruddin Ajmal, has denied all the allegations.

Reacting to allegations of propaganda against the Ajmal Foundation, LRO said on Twitter: “This information will not be termed as propaganda.”

The Turkish government has already confirmed that the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, a donor to the Ajmal Foundation, has links to al-Qaeda.  They also confirmed that neither Narendra Modi nor Amit Shah has done that.

On the other hand, the Delhi based LRO on Twitter said that their position is still firm on the report of violation of Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCRA) submitted to the Home Ministry of the Government of India.

Taking on Twitter LRO said, “We firmly stand by our #FCRAViolation report submitted to @HMOIndia n dare U to legally counter it point by point. #IHH had also links/ meetings with Indian radical Izlamist #PFI, which means #IHH #PFI n Ajmal Foundation are in cahoots with sole aim of spreading radicalism”.

The Legal Rights Observatory has been raising questions about the capital raised by foreign organizations for the Badruddin Ajmal-led Ajmal Foundation.

The LRO also accused them of having links with a number of foreign-funded organizations with Ajmal Foundation.  In this case the LRO has claimed that the Ajmal Foundation as well as the Anf Foundation have received funds from such radical organizations.

The organization has also accused the Ajmal Foundation of misappropriating funds under the FCRA in the past.

According to them, the Ajmal Foundation has raised a total of Rs 60 crore, though it has spent only Rs 2 crore in the name of education.

However, MP Badruddin Ajmal has denied the allegations raised by the LRO.

Reacting to this, Badruddin Ajmal called on the Chief Minister’s Office to investigate the allegations.

Ajmal also said that everything would be clear after the investigation.