Louis Gleize is continuing his creative journey with his song Selfmade


Rising as an entrepreneur and musical artist Louis Gleize is a 24-year-old multi-talented individual from Canada. Louis Gleize was born on the 14th of January 1997 in Avignon, France and spent a few years in his birthplace before finally shifting to Canada with his family. Since Louis Gleize’s official debut in the world of music and entertainment, he has already produced several titles which include hits like The Test, Lifestyle, Clap, Selfmade and more. Even though he has achieved great success already Louis Gleize remains humble and is forever on a quest to not only better his own life but also those of others.

Social media has also been one of the biggest helping hands in Louis Gleize’s journey to the top. Being a person who knows his way around the internet Louis Gleize made full use of the network and attention social media provides and was able to share his talent with many around the world. Not only did it bring him popularity in the music world but it also gave him several more opportunities to expand his influence and do something new and fun.

These opportunities have today manifested in the form of Louis Gleize’s clothing brand called Loyal Fitness. Catering to both men and women as well as providing an array of accessories and supplements, Loyal Fitness is considered one of the top clothing and lifestyle brands for those who wish to be fit the fashionable way. What’s even better is that a part of the sales proceeds is always donated to charity so that you can rest assured that your purchase is helping someone live a better life. The logo of Loyal Fitness is something to be considered in particular as it features a crown. “The crown was chosen to represent becoming the queen or king of achieving personal goals and the L was chosen to encourage staying loyal to one’s quest of success”, Louis Gleize explains.

It is quite exemplary how Louis Gleize has divided his attention to both his music and clothing brand. Indeed, it helps him not get overburdened by a singular task and instead keeps him enjoying the creative process. Recently he came up with the song Selfmade which perfectly encapsulates the feelings of enjoying a sunny day outside filled with tenderness, affection and joy. Chock-a-block with positive vibes and upbeat rhythms Louis Gleize has stuck to his instrumental style which only makes the listening experience even more enthralling.

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