Language unites people, we want undivided India and undivided Assam: CM Sarma


Guwahati: Amid the ongoing language controversy in Assam, Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma said on Saturday that the language should unite people not divide people.

Speaking to the media, CM Sarma said, ” I believe that we should work for an undivided India and an undivided Assam. But we should be very careful that no one should do something which may hurt the sentiments of the people of Brahmaputra Valley or Barak Valley. And if we still choose to hurt the sentiments,  we will only create a gap between the people.”

CM Sarma also added that people should not feel bad about the 2 Assamese posters that were defaced in Barak Valley and in the same way by mistake if a text book was published in Bengali in Brahmaputra valley people should refrain themselves to give any kind of reactions. 

“Language unites people. And if by chance language becomes a reason to divide people, there will be no value of language. Language brings and harmony and peace . It never creates any difference. People will try to break our unity as they have seen that the BJP government has been working for an undivided Assam and its development so such incidents may occur in the near future and for dealing such incident we will take adequate measures and fight against such things,” said CM Sarma. 

Commenting on the eminent Assamese litterateur Nagen Saikia’s call for the separation of Barak valley from Assam the Chief Minister said that he don’t want to comment anything against the litterateur as he is an intellectual as well as an elderly person and its his personal opinion.