Kaziranga National Park To Open From 1st October for tourists


Guwahati: The Covid situation has come under control and the Assam Government is ready to open the Kaziranga National Park to tourists from October 1. 

Talking to reporters in Bokakhat, Assam Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma said, “I would like to inform that from 1st October we are opening Kaziranga National Park for tourists and visitors as our Govt is working towards unlocking of Covid restrictions completely for normalisation of economic activities.”

In addition, a 15-kilometres road has been open to the newly added Bagcher Hills in the National Park for tourists’ tracking in the coming year.

KNP authorities had planned last year to keep the Bagori Forest open for the tourists, although the tourism period closes in the month of May every year. This time, Bandardubi is being re-planned to remain open for a longer time.

Earlier, KNP Director, Sivakumar had expressed hope that the number of tourists will be as expected in the coming tourist year. The National Park, which usually has 70-80 thousand domestic tourists, has created a record of more than 2 lakh domestic tourists in the last tourist year. The arrival of international tourists is not promising due to the Covid situation, but this year the number of domestic tourists is expected to increase.