Kashmir will not be given to Muslims as a gift: Shiv Sena


Reiterating its stand on the abrogation of Article 370 of the constitution, Shiv Sena on Thursday said that “Kashmir will not be given to Muslims as a gift”.

Shiv Sena in its editorial mouthpiece Saamna stated, “The population of Muslims in the valley is 68.35 per cent, while Hindus make up to 28.45 per cent of the total strength in the state. This does not mean Kashmir will be given to Muslims as a ‘gift’. They are Indian, too, and the laws of the country must be extended to them. For this, Article 370 must be abrogated.

Article 370 protects and grants special status to the sovereignty of the state and gives it the power to make a separate set of laws to be applied for its governance.