Kanishka Sharma is becoming a household name with her all-rounder talent


Kanishka Sharma is a 21-year-old girl who hails from Ghaziabad. She is a famous Indian dancer and her talent is not just limited to her dance, she’s a model and fashion designer too. There’s no doubt for the fact that she is multi-talented. Kanishka shares her talent and passion through videos on YouTube. Her YouTube channel “Kanishka Talent Hub” has approximately a whopping 2.5 million subscribers and 535,719,316 views. Her first video was “Suit Suit Karda Dance Performance” which hit 1.5millions views. This was definitely a milestone in Kanishka’s career.

But the most interesting part is that Kanishka never planned on becoming a YouTuber. A student of hers, who used to help her in shooting short dance videos, advised her to start uploading her videos on YouTube. Soon, Kanishka saw a gradual increase in her views and subscribers. People even responded positively and this encouraged her to post more videos and kept it going. She has now reached the 2.5 million mark on her channel which is not a small thing.

In today’s times where the internet is available to most of us, Lot of people think about becoming YouTuber. Even the kids are making YouTube videos. The competition on YouTube is huge and to become a success, one needs to be strategic and do smart work. Consistency is the key. You have to be regular with your videos and encourage meaningful communications with your subscribers. Kanishka Sharma is famously known as the Long Lachi girl in Mumbai due to her collaboration with Neha Kakkar. To add to the big list of her achievements, she has 168K followers on her social media handles where she keeps on uploading photos and drills regularly.

But that does not mean life has been all roses for her. After losing her mother in the year 2015, Kanishka Sharma was on the verge of giving up everything she had worked for. All her dreams and ambitions felt like a distant thing to her. Kudos to her, slowly and steadily she picked up herself again and started aiming for the stars. And now after six years, she is an unstoppable force who works hard to attain her goal. She is an inspiration to everyone. There is hardly any need to mention all her success anymore as her recent collaborations with the likes of Shilpa Shetty, Jaqueline Fernandez and Neha Kakkar explains it all. Kanishka has also performed with huge iconic YouTubers like CarryMinati, Bhuvan Bam and Harsh Beniwal at YouTube fanfest 2019.

Kanishka Sharma is the reigning queen in the dancing niche and you just cannot miss her videos. Now the next time you want to get entertained, you know where to go!